Our global land use planning services & solutions

Land Use Planning Professional Land and Urban Planning Services

Since 2007, OLP experts have consistently delivered creative, high quality land planning solutions and land use planning services to the world’s most respected real estate companies, developers and government agencies.

Land Planning Services Sustainable

As a leader of integrated energy master sustainable planning strategies, our Potential Energy and Renewable Resource Maps (PERMM) are used as a catalyst to spur development.

land planning services Affordable

Our land planning services cost a fraction of those of the big firms, while utilizing the same talent and experience. Low overhead means we pass the savings on to you.

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Land and Urban Planning

OLP’s urban land planning

OLP’s urban land planning solutions and land planning services are not only for the 21st Century, but the 22nd as well. We offer entitlement services including environmental review, agency approvals and permitting. Beginning in 2010, OLP took another quantum leap forward with two, new planning services necessary for today’s cities: Resourceful Energy and Disaster Recovery.

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Project Spotlights

land planning services

Adaptive Urban Sports & Recreation

OLP is working closely with City and County Parks & Recreation along with economic development agencies across the country to bring new variations of traditional sports closer to urban areas to promote health and wellness.

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