The OLP Team

We understand that today's world is complex and requires globally focused expertise.  History teaches us that great work comes about through the intersection of Talent and Opportunity.  So, it takes a special breed with enough creativity, experience and vision to address some of the most compelling problems on the planet.  Our distinguished team embodies global delivery with experts located around the world speaking fifteen foreign languages and participating first hand in significant land developments on almost every continent.

OLP Team

Rick Abelson   |    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Global land planning, international new towns, industrial and special economic zones,
active adult retail and senior communities
Region: Global

Susan Barlin  |   Stategist, Global Trade and Marketing
Investment and tourism, international real estate
Region: North America, Philippines


Larry Callahan   |    Senior Director, Resort and Hotel Development
Environmental, hospitality and luxury resorts
Region: North America, Fiji


Michael L. Chasteen, AIA   |   Architect Professional
Entertainment and thematic resorts
Region: Middle East, South Korea, Russia


Su Chen   |   Architect Professional
Commercial Buildings architectural design
Region: China


Son Do   |   Architect Professional
Hospitality, entertainment, mixed use, land planning and conceptual design
Region: North America


Jack F.P. Fong, AIA, LEED AP   |   Architect Professional
Retail, mixed use, urban infill and new community developments
Region: North America


Dalan Garcia   |   Director, Technology and Brand Strategist
Brand commnications and marketing
Region: North America


David Gensler  |   Chief Strategist
Business and client development, entrepreneurial endeavors, innovation and solutions
Region: Global


Lyn Henley   |   Cultural Attractions Designer
Interpretative museum and world exposition design
Region: North America


Kathy Kay   |   Strategist, Planning and Development
Rural, regional, metropolitan, national and local government wide spatial planning
Region: South Africa


George King   |   Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Technologist, Energy Resources and Marine Sciences
Clean and renewable energy, sustainability, oil and gas, power and water
Region: North America


Alex S. Kosich, Jr., AIA   |   Senior, Architect Professional
Renderings and visualization
Region: Global


Gary B. Lane, AICP   |   Chief Development Officer
Asset strategies, transit oriented development, land acquisition, community development,
public agency coordination and entitlements
Region: United Kingdom, North America

Michael Lindstrom, AIA, NCARB  |   Architect Professional
High tech design and planning
Region: North America


James McNett AIA, LEED AP   |   Architect Professional
Historic preservation architecture, education, transportation, healthcare facilities,
active adult and senior communities
Region: North America, Russia


Ralph Mocerino, AIA  |   Architect/Business Development & Client Services Manager
Retail, healthcare, financial, automotive, motion picture studio design, corporate campuses
Region: Global


Mike Niemann   |   Architect Professional
Strategic conceptual design, urban infill, sports and leisure resorts
Region: Global


Michael O’Halloran   |   Chief Technologist
NEV Engineer, Transportation
Region: North America

Steve Patterson   |   Senior Vice President, Land Use
Real estate development, entitlements and construction
Region: Global


Annette M. Roe  |   Chief Strategy Officer
Business development, operations, finance and administration management
Region: Global


Todd Russo  |   Senior Director, Construction
Land acquisition, renewable energy and new community development
Region: North America


Baha Sadreddin  |   Sustainable Design
Climate adaptation and responsive design, renewable energy planning,
integration and financial modeling
Region: North America, Germany

Chuck Seeger  |   Senior Director, Land Use
Land Use, entitlements, university campuses
Region: North America


Asad Shaheed  |   Senior Director, Master Planner
Urban design, high profile integrated development projects, international new towns
Region: Global

Ellen Senreich, Esq.  |   Attorney, Land Use
Real Estate and Land Use
Region: North America


Carl Soderberg  |   Architect Professional
Climate change and resiliency
Region: Global


Steve Spickard AICP, LEED AP  |   Economist, Land Use
Land use economics, market analysis and feasibility assessments
Region: North America


Steph Stoppenhagen  |   Director, Smart Cities Technologist
Sustainability and energy efficiency
Region: North America


Theo Van Veenendaal  |   Civil Engineer
Municipalities, governments and retail development
Region: Australia, Asia Pacific


Haresh Vibhakar, AIA  |   Architect Professional
Luxury hotels and resorts
Region: North America, Asia Pacific


Jun Xia, AIA  |   Senior, Architect Professional
Regional planning, comprehensive development and asset portfolio planning
Region: Global




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