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Online Land Planning specializes in green energy strategies to help property owners interested in locating projects and developing land that creates profit from alternative energy production using an integrated, sustainable design approach. Today, location has a new meaning integrating the resources of the sky and the earth to add long term value.

OLP can quickly consolidate and interpret baseline information from internet resources to evaluate land development opportunities for most properties based on available data on wind, geothermal, CH&P, natural gas, wastewater treatment, biomass, landfill, conventional and renewable electrical generation, common carrier distribution, hydro-agriculture, bioremediation, waste loop optimization, tenant mix and workforce potential.

I highly recommend Online Land Planning for their affordable, efficient process and on time delivery. Since I live in a remote location, it was very convenient for me and the work products are top notch.
Jim Mullin | Mullin Properties, Hope, ID

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